Just a Thought

This past weekend I was working a booth at a conference with my Mother. After a while we started to guess at who would actually buy our product and who might not have the money. One lady walked by with a cute pair of white jeans, a spring green jacket, and nude sandals. Her hair was a fun, stylish cut, and she was wearing silver earrings and makeup. Mom and I immediately told each other that she had the money and we should make our pitch to her. To our surprise, she claimed she didn't have the money and ended up opting for a payment plan to buy our product.

Later, a very dowdy looking woman with what looked like a pair of 30 year old black jeans, a ratty t-shirt, tennis shoes, and a little too much facial hair for a woman stopped by our booth. We quickly explained to her that she could use a payment plan to buy our product, but the woman was not interested. She instead bought our most expensive product and later told us that she was an attorney.

It struck me that the way we dress can make people think you are either rich or poor. One woman was probably well-off, and yet, she looked poor. Another woman looked well-off, but didn't seem to have any money. Whether each woman really was rich or poor is not really the issue here.

I'm sure you can all surmise for yourselves what I'm getting at.