On Traveling

I've been away for a few days (hence the lack of posting), but have discovered a few things while walking through airports...

One thing I saw that I loved is the Spring scarf. The scarf is a very cost effective and versatile way to add a new look to your wardrobe. You can use it to make jeans and a white t-shirt look fab, or use it to add a bit of comfort and warmth during the morning and evening hours. You can use it as a belt, a head band, in place of necklace, or to make a drab bag look exciting. The girl in the seat next to me had on a bright pink and lime green scarf with jeans, a jean jacket, white button down shirt, and flip flops. On first glance, I thought she looked so fun and stylish, but upon closer inspection, realized that she was wearing nothing unusual or fun except for that scarf.

This scarf is from the Gap for only $19.50:

Here are some other great scarves from Lord & Taylor:

Another observation is that a very comfortable way to travel is by pairing calf length leggings with a knit tunic and flip flops instead of jeans. Your legs stay warm, but there is nothing more comfortable than soft knit around your legs and waist. I tried this look on the way to my destination and found that the only drawback was that the knit tunic tended to cling to the leggings some when I walked, causing me to keep yanking the tunic down while I walked. They were perfect for sitting on the plane, though, and I was glad to be wearing something other than jeans, as comfortable as a velour track suit, but with just a tad more style.
A couple of days before I left I gave myself a manicure and pedicure thinking that it wouldn't last for more than a few hours as I tend to be a klutz (especially when I travel) and my nail polish of the past never lasted very long without chipping or peeling off. I tried a new product this time, though, that has lasted still! I purchased the Sally Hensen Diamond Strength in "I Do" for only $4.75 and it has lasted longer than my salon quality OPI nail polish that costs twice as much!