Accesorizing with Hats

I am a big fan of hats. I tend to wear them less in the summer, though, since they keep me too warm and shield me from the sun (which I am usually craving). Nevertheless, I'm determined to start wearing summer hats...

The cowboy hat is super cute with a sundress, sandals or better yet, cowboy boots.

This one is from Target for only $12.99. I love the turquoise beads!
Fedora hats are becoming popular, but mostly because menswear is making a big comeback this year. I've seen them paired with an outfit as simple as a t-shirt, shorts, and gladiator sandals.
I love fedora hats with a white shirt and vest. The one pictured below is from Target for only $14.99
Perhaps the most feminine summer hat is the straw floppy hat. This hat is perfect for laying out on the beach, gardening, or just as a fashion statement with a sundress. Kohl's has this hat on sale for only $15.40.
My favorite hats in the winter are newsboy caps...in plaid summer colors, this hat is perfect for summer, too!
Newsboy cap found at Target for $9.99.
Keep your eye out for hats on clearance - I just picked up a cowboy hat at Kohl's for only $1.60!
Never be afraid to buy a hat...a hat is a fun and practical accessory to your wardrobe. It covers up a messy hairdo if you don't have time to fix your hair, it protects your hair from the sun in the summer, and provides warmth in the winter. If it is the right shape, it can frame your face beautifully. Best of all, it can make you stand out from a crowd...but in a good way. ;-)