It may seem a bit old fashion or perhaps a habit you are already in, but wearing an apron to cook and clean can save you and your clothes a lot of mess (or heartache). Many years ago, while I was till living at home, un-married and child-less, I bought my very first apron. It's black and says "Williams Sonoma" on it. That plain black apron has seen me through many years of cooking, cleaning and now messes made from a child (why do kids enjoy rubbing their faces all over you?).

Yesterday (Monday) was my "cleaning" day, and as such I had dawned my black apron and kept thinking how wonderful an apron is in saving my clothes from certain ruin (I was in a skirt and nice top, complete with earrings and a necklace, make-up done).

Then this morning, I was on ebay and kept running across beautiful, lovely, aprons. Despite the fact that aprons are extremely practical, they can also be very lovely and make for a fabulous present for the domestic sophisticate in your life. Below are a few of my favorites.
This lovely white Victorian Battenburg Lace apron I found on ebay this morning for only $14.99
I found the Jessie Steele designer and I'm in love. I'd like to take all of the aprons this designer makes. I found these on Amazon and Ebay for cheaper then what was found on the website. Even on their website they aren't horribly expensive considering what they could save you in the long run.

If I'm gonna wear an apron, I like to wear a full chef apron or bib apron. But this skirt cover apron is SO retro and I just love the little bows in black on the pockets. I'd love to have something like this on when cooking for company. I'd feel like such a cute house wife in it:)
This yellow apron is the same style as my black one, you can get it in various colors on Williams Sonoma website for $36.

I also really liked the April Cornell Jamavar Green bib Apron for $26

Here are just a few ideas for a beautiful way to keep clean or a fun gift to give to that friend of yours who loves to clean, keep house or have something lovely to hang in her kitchen.

Oh, one other thing. If you aren't use to wearing aprons, find them a waste of time, or just never think about putting one on. Be sure to hang your lovely apron in a visible place so you remember to actually wear it. If you keep it hidden in a drawer or the back of a closet it may not get much use. Mine hangs on the wall in my kitchen so it's always easy to grab whenever I need it.

I have always said I'd own many fabulous looking aprons that I could display proudly but for now I'll keep with what I have (well, I may have to put in a bid or two on one of those adorable Jessie Steele styles.