A Touch of Red

I definitely think this kind of an outfit looks better on "leggy" girls, but since I've highlighted the smallest part of my waist with the red belt, I think it gives me an elongated look that I otherwise wouldn't have. Of course, heels can't hurt anything either, right?

Also, I don't know if you can tell, but I've used a hair dye removal kit to try and take the semi-permanent dye out that was in my hair. I'm pleased to say (regardless of what this picture shows) that the kit worked pretty well and my haircolor is about back to its natural state.
Tunic - H&M - $5.00
Red patent skinny belt - Target - $4.98
Black leggings - Gap - $5.99
Red patent heels - Target - $6.24
Red hoops - Claire's - $1.00