How to Buy Clothes on Ebay

I just thought I'd make a quick note here for those who may not be familiar with buying off Ebay. It's so easy there won't be much to tell you...

There are a lot of different ways you can shop there...one way would be to type in an item you want in the "buy" tab (i.e. "leather handbag"), and then see what items are ending in 5 or 10 minutes. You might find some gems that no one saw yet, and can get them at bottom prices ($0.99-$12.00 or so). Purses, shoes, jewelry, perfume...anything you would normally think you can't afford, you can probably find on Ebay for a steal.

Here is the way I usually shop on Ebay...I think of some stores I love, like J.Crew and Anthropologie. I could never actually afford their clothes, but if I type in the brand name ("J.Crew") and then my size on Ebay, I find that I can afford lots of J.Crew clothes! A lot of Ebay stores will buy brand name overstock or discontinued items and sell them for clearance prices. Or many people just sell their high end hand-me-downs for almost nothing.

Another thing I like to do is if I saw a dress I absolutely loved a couple of seasons ago that is now not available in the store, I can usually find it on Ebay from either a store that bought overstock or from an individual who is already bored with the dress. You can be as specific as you want if you are looking for something specific. I have typed in "Gap strapless blue and white dress size small" and have gotten 20 or so options before!

One other thing - if you can't find what you are looking for, keep checking back every few days. It will probably show up again in two weeks or so. Just be persistent!

So go check Ebay out - you may just find that the outfit of your dreams is waiting for you for under $10!