Copy Cat

I was not planning on posting any outfits today since I have no plans to go anywhere, but Angie's post from You Look Fab today really inspired me. Here is my version of what she recommends minus a cropped cardigan since it is so hot today (just imagine that the bag is fuschia instead of lime, which is clashing with my teal beads!)...
I realized from this first picture that I needed to iron down and sew the hem - so this next picture you can see the better hem job. :-)
Black headband - Family Dollar - $1.00
Black knit top - Target - $3.74
Jean bermudas (cropped by me from this pair) - Hydraulic brand - hand-me-down
1.5" wedge (my version of a "flat" shoe) - The Velvet Lounge (N.Y.L.A. brand) - $6.00
Teal beads - Kohl's - $.80
Lime green bag - JCPenney - $5.97

Now I'd imagine that Angie wouldn't care for the whiskering on my shorts as they aren't very slimming and make the outfit more casual - but I wanted to work with what I already had.

Also, I know! I need a neutral colored bag since I only wear one bag! And I'm not sure that I can pull off a headband well because of my square face. I need softer lines.

Note to self: I need to stop pampering my vanity of wishing I was tall and start getting more lower heeled shoes - that will help with my varicose veins and is certainly more practical for chasing after a toddler.