Just to Clarify...

For those of you who have commented to me in person or here on the blog on how Missi or I appear too "dressed up" for cleaning the house, or going to the park, or gardening (like yesterday)...I think I should tell you that I am usually in my robe or PJs all morning long until I have to go somewhere, or until I feel like getting dressed. So it's not like I lounge around in the outfits I post!

On days when Missi or I don't post a picture, it is usually because we are in regular jeans or shorts with t-shirts or tank tops with no shoes, make-up, or jewelry at all. We only post when we are "dressed up," and we like dressing up for no reason at all! When we do post, we really are wearing that outfit and we really do wear it the entire rest of that day.

And for those of you who might think Missi and I are hypocritical by always appearing "put together" (well, our version of "put-together"), remember that this blog is our "style" or "fashion" blog, so we have no reason to appear on it in any outfit but one that has a little style or fashion (or at least what we think has some level of style or fashion).

Neither Missi nor I ever want this blog to be offensive by purporting to everyone else that you must always look perfect, complete with heels, make-up, and jewelry! Our purpose of the blog is not to parade ourselves around as style experts as we are both fully aware that we have a long way to go! The blog is merely a picture journal of our quest for bettering our own personal fashion and style.

I hope that answers some questions that some of you might have had and if not, feel free to leave a comment.