Gardening and Femininity

Pink knit top - hand-me-down
Camisole - hand-me-down
Capris - by Hydraulic - hand-me-down
Leather wedges - Off Broadway - $19.99
Pink rhinestone stud earrings - Wal-Mart - $1.00

Looks like my son is trying, yet again, to get in the picture!

I couldn't help but wear this hat, because I'm going to pick up some seeds to start a vegetable/herb garden and will be out in the sun all day gardening...

Hat - thrifted - $1.00

Pink scarf - came from a pair of shorts I bought from Aeropostale

And yes - me in my bare, but soon to be full garden!

I feel very Scarlett O'Hara today even though I'm not wearing a hoop skirt. Something about this floppy hat matched with pink is just so feminine! Of course, I'm not brave enough to wear it anywhere but in my garden!