New red top

I found this new eyelet top at Marshalls this week. I didn't think much of it at first, but once in the dressing room I was staring at the original tag and saw that it normally retailed for $140.00. I looked at the Marshalls tag which said the normal retail would be for only $40 and then looked at the fabulous red sale sticker for only $10. Once I got home I googled the brand called "Hale Bob" after viewing the website I'm pretty certain that I just bought a $140 top for only $10 bucks. Hee, hee. And it's even kinda cute;)
Regarding my belt (I'm so talkative today), you can't see it on the outfit, since my shirt covers it, but I had to pick the leopard print belt since I am feeling sexy in a very confident, casual sort of way. I once heard Will Smith say he was feeling sexy and when asked why he said "because I have a secret that nobody knows about" when prodded to reveal the secret he said it was because he was wearing an amazing belt, that he knew was amazing and sexy, but no one could see because his sweater was covering it. But he knew, and that was all that mattered.
These are some of my favorite earrings, given to me by my sis Nic (thanks Nic!) So I had to do a close up to show everyone. Happy Thursday ya'll!

Red top ~ Marshalls $10
Dark wash Jeans ~ Fred Meyer $20
White Tank ~ Gap $7
Leopard print belt ~ Target $6
Yellow T-strap sandals ~ JCP $11
Red earrings ~ Gifted