Inspirations ~ What I'd like to have right now!

I am really in love with patterns right now, espeically funky florals and graffiti inspired prints, similar to this floral dress. The silhouette is simple and classic while the pattern is different and captivating. I love this dress! (Women's belted cap sleeve dress by Muse $59.99)
As fall is right around the corner I'd really love to stock my closets with beautiful scarves to accent my outfits. This print looks like butterfly wings mixed with leaves. It makes me feel dreamy to look at it ( silk charmeuse floral scarf from Banana Republic $49)
All of the cardigans and sweaters I own are all solids. Why do I only by solid color sweaters? I'd really love something bold and bright to wear over my solid tops and bottoms like pictured here. (Martinique-print cardigan by JCrew $98)
How many times I've said I want a beautiful wallet to hold my lovely credit cards and cash (well, sometimes cash, hee, hee). But six years ago I bought a plain black wallet from Fossil and it's still in as good a shape as the day I bought it, so I have no good excuse to replace it. Well, no good excuse until I saw one of their latest beauties. This wallet says "buy me Missi!" (Madeline Bi-fold by Fossil $55)
Hello? Is there anything more I need to say about this suit? It's fitted, sexy, super cool pattern, white...I'm in love. (Miami One Piece by Aubade $100)

I love platforms. I love platform sandals, I love patterned, platform sandals. I think I'd love some throw pillows made out of the same material as these adorable shoes, then when company comes over I'll hold my matching throw pillow with my fabulous heals and the company will look at my fabulous pillow and my fabulous shoes and probably wonder if I've gone mental. Honestly though, I love these shoes! (Tobbyn Sandals - Multicolor Floral by Xhilaration $19.99)