I love my new sundress! I've been wanting this one for quite some time now, too. It is a very casual dress, but I can dress it up pretty easy with these gold accessories. I'm just going to pick up some things at the office and then go grocery shopping and thrift shopping, so I have no real reason to dress up this dress, but it's fun anyhow. :-)
Dress - H&M - $10
Belt - Kohl's - $3.50
Shoes - Target - $5.74
Medallion earrings - gifted

As you've noticed, I've been wearing a lot of belts lately with my dresses. Most belts I have, though, are for jeans, so they fit on my hips and not on my waist. I think I've posted before about how I use a pocketknife to cut a hole in the belt to make the belt smaller...but the picture above also shows how I just use a hair band to keep the excess belt slack in place.