Yesterday was so frustrating. I didn't feel like dressing nice at all, so I figured I'd be classic and wear my clamdiggers and a t-shirt with sandals. I was cool in the morning so I wore this mustard cardigan.
After I took this picture, though, I felt this outfit looked dumb. The cardigan is just not a good cut for my body type. So I took a picture without the cardigan.
I felt too short and dowdy in these flats, and thought the t-shirt was too tight, so I changed again and put my hair up in a side low bun.
I ended up wearing this because at least the wedges gave me some height, and the tank top was not too tight.

So much for trying to keep things simple - I can't believe I spent all that time, only to come up with this. Grrr...

I'm not convinced that clamdiggers and bermudas look good on me unless I wear heels. I'm just too short to pull it off. I need short shorts or pants. Or that's my opinion at least.

Well anyhow...

Turquoise t-shirt - hand-me-down (top picture)
Mustard cardigan - Target - $6.74 (top picture)
Thong faux leather sandals - Target - $3.74 (top and middle picture)
Tank - Banana Republic - $6.99
Clamdiggers - Gap (shortened by me) - $9.99
Leather belt - Gap - $24.50 (I think)
Leather wedges - Off Broadway Shoes (B.O.C.) - $19.99
Pink shell dangly earrings - gifted