Answer to a Reader Question...

I have a very random question for you...I am a target-holic but with size 9.5 even size 10 feet I almost never score shoes on clearance. out of pure curiosity, do you have really small feet or a target that is not shopped often? I ask bc I notice you get a lot of great target shoes on major clearance and when I do see those shoes there it is always the 5.5 and size 6's!

Ah, good point! I do have really small feet (since I'm only 5' tall!). I wear a size 5. Sometimes I buy shoes on clearance in the girl's section since I can wear a size 2. I find it ironic, though, that you mention that all the Target clearance shoes are the small sizes. While that may be the case with Target, I find, and have been told by major department stores, that all the small sizes get sold out right away because shoe brands are not carrying small shoe sizes anymore, leaving the small shoe sizes in very high demand. I find that usually every size 5 is sold out at the major department stores like Macy's, JCPenney, and Nordstrom only a month after the season starts.

So while I may get the super clearance Target shoes...the rest of you can get the on sale high fashion/nice brand shoes at the bigger department stores.

On another note, though, I shop at 3 different Target stores in my area so I can make sure I find the best deal!