Another Answer to Reader Question

I also have a super-random question about your awesome eBay finds...do you set a predetermined price limit for yourself and don't go over? If you do, do you set a price limit in general or for every specific item? Also, when you say you find something on Ebay for $5.00 for example, does that include shipping?

I don't always set a predetermined price. Usually I am looking for something specific...for instance...I like J.Crew chino shorts, but I don't like to pay $40+ a piece for them, or even $20 a piece for them when they are on sale. So I went to Ebay. Obviously I wouldn't pay more than what I could get for them at the store on sale, so I guess in that way I set a price limit. I usually watch the item until just before the auction will end and then I bid so I can make sure I'll win the bid.

I never post the price of shipping when I note the price of the item, so the $5 for my chino shorts does not include shipping. However, I bought this pair with two others at once from the same seller, so shipping for three pairs was only $5.

Hope that answers your question!