What I want now!

I have wanted to try Navy colored mascara for a very long time. I keep putting it off since it seems like an unneeded novelty. This fall, however, the wait it over. I'm going to buy Navy mascara and see if it really does make my brown eyes look amazing (they say purple is better for blue or green eyed girls)
I want this sweater!! I want it in a million colors! This is new on Banana Republic for $98 (go on sale to...$20! Please!). I think what I like best about it is, no buttons! Just a pin. How versatile for gaining or losing weight! lol! I mean, I could even wear this baby if I were pregnant...right?

Hello, beautiful, purple trench coat. Since I live in the Northwest I know I'd get more then my share of use out of this trench coat. Not only is it an amazing color but it feels like butter (I tired it on already in the store). It's on sale for $139 (I believe) normally $198. For a coat that I would end up wearing for fall, winter and spring, I think it is more then worth the price tag. Now to just find $139 laying around.