Just for fun

Super Kawaii Mom pointed out this uber cool website that allows you to upload your photo and try different hairstyles and make-up on.

I had fun trying different looks on, but finally had to admit to myself that my natural haircolor is the best (as you can tell from the pics below) even though I keep wishing I could pull off blond. I liked different cuts on me, but I am too attached to long hair to try anything different there.

I went all out on the make-up and thought it was especially cool that I could see what I looked like in ridiculous amounts of make-up, without having to wash it all off afterwards! After seeing myself with this much make-up, I have definitely ruled false eyelashes out. Between the caked on dark eyeshadow and the falsies...I look like a drag queen!

I guess from here on out I need to just leave my hair as is and stop experimenting.

Oh - and excuse the shiny forehead...I should have tried some more virtual make-up on to cover all that up! lol!