Lounging Around

OK, so I'm not 5'10" nor am I stick thin...so I look ridiculous in pegged jeans with flats...but Katie Holmes looks so cute and laid back in the look, I couldn't help but attempt it. I won't be going out so it's only my husband who has to see me like this anyway.
I just picked up some nude lipstick and smoky eyeshadow so I could try out the trendy look that has been fashionable for a couple of seasons now. I couldn't wait for a special day to try out my make-up, so I tried it out today. I think I pretty much look the same since I always wear light lipstick and dark eyeshadow. I just have never specifically gotten nude lipstick and black eyeshadow. I usually wear browns. So I feel better now that the name of my lipstick is "fairest nude", and my eyeshadow is actually black instead of dark brown or dark blue. Here is the best I could do at a close-up shot of my new make-up.
Yellow graphic t-shirt - Express - $3.99
Jeans - Macy's - $4.99
Green flats - Gap Outlet - $2.97

And just in case you all wanted to know what my new make-up is...it's:

L'Oreal "fairest nude" lipstick
Cover Girl black eyeshadow
Cover Girl Volume Exact very black mascara
Revlon black eyeliner
Bronze Sands Mary Kay blush