Likes and Dislikes

I know in the past I have raved about Sunsilks Waves of Envy products and shampoos. I liked how they added more volume to my hair and forced out what little waves I natrually have. So, I decided to sample their "Straight to Perfection" products hoping for the same effects (just opposit) on my lushish strands.
Ya, no. I didn't see any difference. Maybe my hair is to ornary, or maybe my hair already is so straight that any more "Straightening" products put on my hair would be like beating a dead horse. But still, I was hoping for something mirculous to happen. May hair does feel wonderfully clean, and the heat defense creme did seem to make my hair a tad less frizzy...but that's about all the wonder I can give to this haircare line. My suggestions (if you are interested in any of the hairapy prodcuts) is go to their website and request some free samples.

The next hair product that I sampled came by way of another fashionista who didn't really care for the outcome of the product on her hair. So take this review with a grain of salt:) My new favorite is John Fredia Luxurious Volume lift root booster. You put it on damp (or dry, as I have used it a few times and liked) hair and then blow dry and/or style as usual. It does make your hair feel a bit tacky and slightly stiff, but I loved the volume and what seemed to be better control of my style.
My camera is broken so I can't really show pics, but here is me at a friends party after washing my hair, spraying on the new volume product and blowing it dry. I just loved how it made my hair straight, volumized, and a bit messy looking all at the same time. I also loved how little effort it took to get the desired look that I was going for.