Hair Tips

Summer is the season for those tousled beachy looking waves. Kate Hudson wears the look so naturally, you'd never know she had any other look.

I usually use a curling iron to achieve this look, but it takes me 10 minutes, and I hate having to put heat so close to my head when I'm already warm in the summer. Also, I wanted a more messy look and the curling iron makes it look more formal and not as carefree. So In hopes of replicating Kate's "messy" look I decided to experiment with an idea that I've seen in fashion magazines and fashion blogs several times over.

So after my shower last night, I towel dried my hair, and then pin curled it in about 10 sections. I didn't make the sections real clean, nor did I pin it perfectly. I kept the pins in over night.

I probably should have left the pins in longer when I woke up so the hair could finish drying, but even with the hair being damp yet, my hair had that tousled wavy look. I finished off the look by spraying Sunsilk's beachy waves spray in it and then a shine spray from CitreShine. For the five minutes it took for me to pin my hair up last night, and the two minutes it took to unpin and spray it in the morning, this is a look I'm definitely going to try again.

While we are on the topic of hair, I thought I'd give a shout out to this fabulous blog dedicated to hair styles: Hair Thursday. Check it out!