Two great finds at Target today!

While killing time I decided to browse through all of Targets Sale and Clearance items. There were a ton of adorable pieces of clothes on sale, but I didn't really feel like trying anything on (imagine that?) So I walked over to the purse and wallet section and found this adorable shoulder bag on sale 75% off. It's normally only $19.99 so on sale I got it for $4.98 (you can also find it on Target online for this price in other colors)
Feeling like I may need a new wallet to go with my new purse I was able to find another super clearance item and only spent $2.48 on this adorable "Merona Crinkle Trifold Wallet" (also online, but I don't think they had it on sale on the website).

Anyway, I am pleased as punch with my new purchases and I'm happy to have a side slung bag for my trip to see family later this month. Carrying a baby and all things that go with traveling with a baby on an airplane, I really wanted a super hands free option for a bag and one that wouldn't fall off my shoulders where I needing to run and/or juggle multiple items during the trip.