How I use my Eye Bright pencil

One of our readers asked:
"Can you do a small post on how you use your eye brightening pencil? I have it, but I don't think I know what to do with it so it just sits in my makeup bag."

To answer, I thought I would attempt to show you how I use my pencil. Please forgive my poor attempts at photography here:)

I start out with no makeup. Just my face after I've applied my moisturizer.
Next I apply the eye bright pencil on the inner and outer corners of my eye. As well as under my brow line where I'd like more highlighting.
Next I smooth it all out by rubbing it into my skin just using my fingers. Here is where I would apply my foundation (not applied in picture) then I add my bronzer and/or blush and mascara.
The hopeful result is brighter, more "opened" looking eyes.