Answer to a reader question

I'm very curious about what religion you were, I was raised Pentecostal, the youngest of 7 kids. I often heard the phrase "in the world but not of it", and I too struggled with being different. And I can really relate to the statement that you enjoyed blending in, because I felt that same feeling the first time I wore a pair of pants in public (of course, then I was different to everyone who had known me for the first 19 years of my life). Anyways, I can definitely appreciate where you are coming from with that. I guess that's why we're not afraid of bright colors and color combos...we're used to being different!

That's for sure!

I don't know that I would follow any specific theology or "religion". We went to several different churches and moved around a lot, so we never stuck to one denomination. We attended non-denominational churches, Bible churches, Baptist churches, First Assembly of God churches, and Reformed churches. Right now I go to a non-denominational Christian church. I would call myself a Bible-believing-follower-of-Jesus Christ.

Fun to know that we have readers out there from similar backgrounds! So often we think we're the only ones...but there sure is always someone else out there isn't there?