Responses to comments and answer to a reader question

First I'd like to say thank you to all of those who are cheering me on in my endeavor to stay true to my style...and then perfect my style. I've especially appreciated all the tips I've gotten from my friends, as well as all the tips I read on all the blogs out there. Of a Certain Age and Inside Out Style have really encouraged me and I can't wait to read more of what they have to say!

One of our readers asked:

"I have a question for you Nic. I read in a previous post that you are 5 ft tall and wear child's sized shoes! I am exactly the same as you! I'm 5ft 1' and wear anywhere from a child's sized 2-3 and if I'm lucky I can wear a women's sized 5. Where do you find cute shoes!? This is my one major problem. Thanks!"

Both Missi and I wear a size 5 (I think Missi likes her shoes roomier, so she wears a size 5.5), but I can always wear a size 2 or 3 in children's shoes, too. Too often I buy shoes that are a size 6 (if they are mules or lace up shoes I can get away with a bigger size), since it's the smallest size they come in or they were the only ones available and they were on sale. This is a mistake and I plan on never doing that again!

Usually to find smaller shoe sizes I either have to go to Ebay (if I'm on a strict budget), or I have to preorder my size at Department stores, or go to online shoe stores. One of my friends recently told me that 6pm shoes was having a really good sale right now. $29.95 or less for Nine West shoes, and clearance shoes for only $9.99!

Where I have found most of my shoes is Target and the Aerosole Shoe Outlet. I had a friend who worked at Aerosoles, so she would make sure I could find a size 5. As for Target, they always carry size 5 shoes in all their styles, so I am always sure to find my size there.

I buy all my sneakers and flip flops in the children's section, at Department stores, Outlets, or at Target. I have also found a few pairs of ballet flats in the children's section that have worked out for me. I like heels and wedges, though, and those look too juvenile in the children's sizes, so I always buy a size 5 for my heels.

Not sure if any of that helps, but if you or anyone else has any more ideas or advice for us on where to find small shoe sizes, we'd love to hear it!