I guess I'm not really on hiatus...

Now that I've made such a big deal about taking a break on posting what I wear, and only posting something I really love when I do post, I have probably raised everyone's expectations too high. Just remember I'm still experimenting and working on my wardrobe, so all attempts on this blog are just that..."attempts."

That being said, I love the simplicity of this outfit. Basic solid colors that all blend together. Jewel tones to commemorate the season. Beads to add a touch of girliness. Tights to add a touch of sophistication. Wedge loafers and t-shirts to keep everything casual.

I love the purples that are trendy for this season, but I'm having a hard time finding just the right purple for me. My next post after this will be on finding your colors, because that is what I've been focusing on lately. So while I realize that this purple is a little too "cool toned" for me and a more red (Imogen corrected me - it's not yellow toned, but red toned purples that I need - thank you Imogen!) toned purple would be best, I think it is still close enough in the way it blends with my hair color.

T-shirts - Forever 21 - $3.50 each
Corduroy skirt - Tommy Hilfiger outlet - $7
Teal beads - Kohl's - $.80
Brown suede wedge loafers - thrifted - $6
Tights - Target - $5.99