Cookie Exchange

I'm having a cookie exchange this afternoon with some friends and have been baking cookies all morning. They smell so good!

Everyone always says to layer your shirts, but for short/curvy people, it can be tricky. I'm obviously not doing it properly for my figure since this sweater is all bunched up in the middle now because I have a tank top underneath. I could have fixed it right for the picture, but this is what happens throughout the day as I walk. Everything rides up and bunches around the middle. So annoying. At least I stay warm, though!

Brown sweater - H&M - $5
Green tank - Kohl's - $4
Denim skirt - Gap - $9
Brown tights - Target (little girl's section where they are cheaper) - $2
Suede boots - Aerosoles - $29
Gold chain with pearls - thrifted - $1