Office Day

Don't you hate it when a few weeks after you buy a pair of pants, you realize you probably should have gotten them a size smaller or bigger? Unfortunately, that's my problem today. My pants keep sliding down! I refuse to belt them, though, because the belt will look bulky under my sweater. If I put the belt over the jacket, it won't hold the pants up...so I lose either way. Oh well...I'll just keep hiking them up all day.

Corduroy blazer - H&M - $10
Turtleneck - Banana Republic - hand-me-down
Trousers - J.Crew (off ebay) - $.50
Pumps - Target - $5.74
Necklace - thrifted - $1
Chain - JCPenney - $.50 (no close up picture, because I've taken so many close-ups in previous posts of these two necklaces!)