A few Oscar Favorites

I had SO much fun watching the Oscars last night. Anyone else? Hugh Jackman had me SO entertained! I love musicals and getting to see live performances that involve singing and dancing make me very happy. The gowns were also something else. There were so many that I just loved. I wish I could have actually been there and maybe even touched one or two.

My favorite of the night was Penelope Cruz, I loved the dress the moment I saw it, but then loved it even more when I found out it's over 60 years old! Wow! It is so beautiful and one can only imagine the time and care that was put into making it. I would pause my DVR so I could rewind and see the dress again. Stunning!
I liked Kate Winslets outfit...if she were 50+. I didn't really care for it on her. It fit well and she does look good in off the shoulder dresses, but what I was really in love with was her hair. It was so perfect, so impeciable *sigh* one day, I shall wear my hair just like that when I attend a fancy event.
I didn't think I was going to like Marisa Tomei's dress, but the longer I looked at it the more in love I became. It really did fit her well and the pleating is amazing! The train is so beautiful and the color is georgeous. So, after watching her in it all night I decided I love it!
Can you tell I love white evening gowns? I didn't see "The Curious Case of Benjimain Button" so before last evening, honestly, I had no idea who Taraji P Henson was. The moment I saw her thoughI thought she was beautiful and I couldn't keep my eyes off her necklace. Her hair was also lovely and her dress was very detailed and very pretty!
Marion Cotillard. What a georgeous women. I loved her at last years Oscars and I loved her again this year. I am glad she did a completely different look then what we saw last year, showing off her versitility. Her hair was perfect. I was perfect at the beginning of the night and perfect at the end. The color of her dress was so rich and so strong and she carried it very well.
Amy Adams looked good. Better then the last few times I've seen her (I think). I thought her necklace was amazing and I wasn't quite sure if I liked her dress or if it would have looked better without the draping in the front. Still, something about her dress made me want to post it with my favorites, so here she is.
Doesn't this dress look like something your Barbie would wear? A Barbie that perhaps sleeps in a giant flower and comes with ballet slippers? That being said, I really do like Miley's gown. It think it's really youthful, playful, wymiscal and...different. I don't think I'd have liked it on an older women but I liked it on her and it does make me think of Barbies and giant flowers and ballet.
Oh, I almost forgot...SJP! Hello! Her gown was also very stunning, very "I want to look like a Princess going to a ball...but I'm SJP so I need to seem fashion forward too". And so they added a belt. lol

Okay, now I think that's all I have. Hope everyone else enjoyed the fashion on the red carpet as much as I did!