How my outfit evolved

This morning I didn't even think about my outfit. I put on jeans, my tunic top and a sweater. Took my hubby to work and came home. But once at home I felt like my outfit was boring, it needed something...anything.
So, I added a belt. Then I took a picture. I felt it was much better but still seemed like it needed just one thing more.
So I added some big beads. I can't say I feel like I look super stylin', but I am amazed how just adding two accessories to my outfit makes me feel much more pulled together.
Tunic ~ H&M $19
Sweater ~ Kohls $19
Jeans ~ Ann Taylor Loft $17
Belt ~ Target $3
Necklace ~ JCP gifted
Booties ~ Payless ~19
Earrings ~ Premier Jewelry $19