While I was on vacation...

These pictures are completely out of order...but they give you an idea of a few of my new things that I got while I was visiting family in Michigan and Ohio...

This is me in downtown Grand Rapids showing off my Dolce & Gabana knockoff sunglasses, my new trenchcoat, and my rose pin.

This picture below is me after my day at the spa (gift from my husband for my birthday!). I had a mani/pedi, a facial, and my make-up done. It was fabulous!!!
This is my new tan blazer that I found while thrifting in Ohio. I got it for only $5!
The London Fogg trenchcoat was my birthday gift from my husband...I ADORE it! It has a removable flannel lining so I can wear it for cold weather, or in the summer for the rain!
I paired it with my Mom's blue and tan scarf and my patent leather red clutch from Express.
Here's another view of my new blazer and my rose pin. The rose pin is from Express and was a birthday gift from my parents. As you can see, I wore my rose pin a lot!
Here is a close-up shot of the rose.
The necklace above was a gift and is from Premier Jewelry - I love how colorful it is! I can wear it with everything!

Starting tomorrow I'll be back to my regular posting.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!