Babysitting day

A nanny a few days a week for a friend. Normally I try to dress pretty nice, but in outfits that I don't care if I mess up. Which means I'm in jeans and a top. But today I decided I wanted to wear a dress. Obviously it would be stupid to dress up when all I'm doing today is watching kids and cleaning house, so I toned down my sundress with my flats, over sized sweater and a scarf for added warmth. Since after all...it's still pretty chilly out. Spring, are you ever going to come?

Oh, and no jewelry. My little charge is at that stage where he grabs on to everything and pulls hard. I learned my lesson the hard way to not wear large hoop earrings while holding him. Yes, my ear hurt for awhile. hee, hee
Dress ~ Gap $20
Sweater ~ H&M $19
Scarf ~ Local shop $21
Flats ~ Local shop in TX $? 15maybe