Trying out a new mascara

Okay, so I'm laughing at myself as I'm taking these pictures. Since 1. it's just funny and 2. I don't think these pictures make my eye lashes look any different. Still. I took them to try to show off the new mascara I'm trying.
I normally wear CoverGirl "Lash Blast" and I love that. But it seems the last few times I've bought the "lash blast" the mascara starts clumping up on me right away. So I decided to switch and try out Maybelline New Yorks version "The Colossal Volume express".
So far, I'm clump free and I still get the volume and result that I so loved with "Lash blast". It was also on sale at the drug store I shopped at this past week, so I spent only $5. That made me happy.

And here is a far away shot. I know, amazing. hee, hee. jk