Addressing an anonymous comment...

I just felt I should address something from my "Good Friday" post...

Someone left a comment suggesting that it was not appropriate for me to be going out on Good Friday (I had posted on Friday that I was going out and was excited about it). I am sorry that it came across the wrong way to that person - or to any of you! That was certainly not my intention. I am a Christian, and feel, like most Christians, that Good Friday should be a day that we set aside for Christ to remember and honor Jesus' sacrifice for us.

After spending time in reverence for the day, my husband wanted us all to dress nice and go out to dinner (our church does not have a Good Friday service). I was excited about Easter weekend, and glad my husband wanted to start our celebration of Christ's resurrection early.

This weekend is very important to me and I wish to honor it as best as I can. I hope you all will understand each and everyone's own personal way of honoring this time, and not take my going out as something other than what it really was.

Thank you all for understanding, and may you all have a very blessed Easter!

He is risen!!