Answer to a reader question

Hi. i am a follower of your blog and i must say i admire you for your fashion taste and thriftiness.
Speaking of jewelries and accessories, would you mind posting a picture of your jewelry and accessories organiser in your closet. i just wanted to see so i can have idea. my jewelries are a mess, just scattered on top of my dresser. :(

thanks in advance.

Well, you asked...so here are the pictures:
The picture above shows my necklaces, scarves, and bracelets. All strung on nails that I hammered into a board in my closet.

The other wall is where I hang my belts and molded bras.
I keep the shoes I wear the most out on the most reachable shelf, and stock my off-season shoes behind or on the unreachable shelves.
Bags are all lined on the top shelf along with my hats.
These are the inside shelves that contain the shoes I don't wear as often.
And just for fun...here are the stacks of fashion catalogs/magazines I peruse to get ideas. I know, I'm addicted!