Happy Mother's Day and 1950's Glamour

On Mother's Day, I always picture my Mom putting on her make-up. Growing up, I was awestruck over my mother's beauty. Besides her beautiful face, she has this really thick, long hair, that she would either twirl up at the sides in clips, or romantically sweep all up in a very loose "gibson girl" style bun (reminiscent of Jane Seymour in "Somewhere in Time"). I remember watching her apply her lipstick and wondering how long it would be till I could do the same. She would also take the time on most Sundays to help me curl my hair when I was little. For special events she would put my hair in rags and have me sleep on it overnight so the next morning I could look like Shirley Temple (my favorite actress as a little girl).

In no time, I was old enough to wear make-up and figured out how to keep my hair curled without my Mother's help. Hot rollers were always my method of choice when I was younger for keeping my hair perfect. It has been a long time since I've used them, but this morning is a special occasion. So while I did not don rags as my Mother used to have me do as a girl, I decided to try hot rollers again.

Looking at myself in the mirror this morning while getting ready, and thinking about my Mother on Mother's Day, I was startled to see my Mother staring back at me. There I was, applying my make-up exactly as my Mother taught me, with my hair all up in rollers, exactly as my Mother showed me...and with a child of my own. I am not that little girl looking up adoringly at her mother on Mother's Day--I am now the "Mother" on "Mother's Day".I think both Missi and I would agree that our love for fashion and beauty started the moment we first watched our mother apply her make-up and curl her hair. Yes, it started way back when we saw Mom in that amazing black velvet evening gown she wore when Dad took her to see The Phantom of the Opera. It started when Mom first put our hair in rags so that we would have glorious curls the next morning.

My Mother is an amazing woman. Most people think that her greatest feat is the fact that she is a successful mother to 11 children, but I consider her amazing for far more than her selflessness in serving her family. I consider her amazing because she still knows how to have fun even now that she is a Grandmother to 5! Because she still likes to dress up and look beautiful. Because she knows how to let go when other mothers are clinging still. Most importantly, she is amazing because she showed me how much better life is if we live our lives for God.

So now it's my turn to be the mother. Mom left some pretty big shoes to fill. If I become half the woman my mother is, I would be very proud of myself.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

Outfit details:
Dress - Target - $9
Beads - thrifted/gifted - $1
Earrings - gifted
Pumps - Target - $6
Bag - Coach - gifted
Red belt - Target - $3.74