MOPS meeting

This morning I have a MOPS planning meeting to attend. Usually I dress pretty casual for these meetings, but today I woke up early so I have lots of time to get things done around the house before I leave, and that includes, getting dressed.

I was inspired to do green liner/eye shadow just under my bottom lash line after looking through my In Style magazine.
Here is the picture I was inspired by. Not sure if you can really tell I'm wearing green eye liner under my eyes, but I am and I like it!
I bought this black top yesterday thinking it was Navy blue. I've been wanting a navy blue top to go with this patterned skirt I own and rarely wear. But alas, once I got home I realized it was actually black. I decided to keep it anyway, because it was a good price and I figure you can never own to many black tops (kind of like white tops, you can never own to many).
It's really comfortable, cotton, a bit sheer...I think I may try it belted next time!
Have a great Monday everyone!

Black top ~ Marshalls Kenar brand $10
White Jeans ~ Gap $20
Nude pumps ~ Target $6
Bracelets ~ Gifted
Cuff ~ Charlotte Russe $4
Earrings ~ Premier Jewelry $19