Will the rain ever stop?

I decided to roll my jeans again so I don't get them wet in the rain today. I promise I'll be wearing my jeans normal again, but for now it is working out well with all this rain!

Speaking of the rain...I wish it would stop so I could go back to styling my hair!

The first pic, with my shirt halfway tucked in, was because when I first picked out this outfit, I wanted the belt to show...by the third picture, I realized the belt looked best hidden and was a bit too sloppy worn the other way. Or maybe it's just me?

Knit top - Elle for Kohl's - gifted
Medallion earrings (not shown) - gifted
Scarf - Target - $6.48
Skinny jeans rolled - Express - $19.99
Leather wedges - Target - $6
Bag - thrifted - $2
Turquoise belt - gifted