New Avon Lipstick Product Reviews

I've been trying this spectra color lipshade, which claims it has 7 shades in one tube. It really is a cool idea in theory, so I thought it was worth a try. After trying it a few times, I've found that it really doesn't apply well from the tube, so I have to use a brush. That is a drawback for an on--go-mom like me, but I love the endless possibilities of color mixing. Considering it is under $10, it is worth it just to have all the colors. Beware, though, the 7 colors are very similar, so you really don't get too much of a contrast in each color.

I've also finally decided to try a lip plumping lipstick. I got the ultra color rich tube in Cocoa and decided the color really was a little to ultra rich for me! I'm more of a pale lips kinda girl. I'll have to try a lighter shade next time. As you apply it, it really tingles, and it does give your lips a sort of bee stung look. While I don't think my lips looked that much plumper, they really felt plumper, and feeling is half the battle - lol! I walked around thinking I had sexy, kissable lips, and my husband loved it! lol!

Do my lips look any plumper?
Lastly, I've been looking for a lip liner in hopes of helping my lipstick stay put, as well as using it to draw just a tad outside the lines of my lips so I could achieve the look of a fuller pout. When I first started looking, I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of having a lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss to apply every morning, and then carry with me when I go out. When I found Avon's 3-in-1 stick, I knew it was perfect for this mama. It saves time, space, and money! The stick contains the lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss all in one handy little tube (see me modeling it below). This is my favorite product! It is handy to keep in my purse, and I love that I can easily re-apply all three products to my lips at any time during the day without having to carry three sticks around!
So what about you? What new lipstick products have you tried recently? Do tell!