Hat and vest

Not wearing any make-up since tonight my sis-in-law and I are throwing a Mary Kay party. I'll be putting my face on with the other girlies this evening. So to detract from my pale face, I am wearing the hat. Plus, any time I wear a vest I feel like I need to wear a hat with it. Vests and hats just look good together.

Had to post that last photo due to its irony. I was so annoyed with how my pics were turning out when I looked at them in the viewfinder, that in this last shot I was saying "I'm a dork" as the pic snapped. Once I downloaded the photos, I didn't think they looked that bad, and liked the last "I'm a dork" pic the best since I'm standing up straight in it at least. lol!

Tank - Target - $2.24
Skinny jeans - Express - $19.99
Tuxedo vest - Gap - $9.99
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1
Tweed newsboy cap - long time ago - I forget where and for how much
Necklace - Macy's - $5
Leather sandals/booties/heels - Target - $7.48