Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses

I have been putting off announcing the Dare to Design Shabby Apple contest until I could produce a design of my own, that is until I found out that every contestant is not limited to submitting just one dress! Now that the pressure is off to design just one amazing dress, I am feeling free to announce the contest to all my competitors along with the first three designs I've created.

So here is the announcement:

How exciting is that??? I'm stoked, but I REALLY want to win. In fact, I want to win so much that I really am hoping none of you enter! LOL! Just kidding!

So on to my first design, which I'm calling the "Matilda Dress":

Specifications for the Matilda:
  • I picture this dress in a variety of spring colors such as cherry red, salmon pink, candy apple green, and cream
  • The fabric should be a soft jersey with the draping on top to be the same fabric you would see in a Herve Leger bandage dress
  • I don't have a picture of the back of the dress (will get to that soon), but I'd like the "bandage" work to mirror the front, but flip flopped...in other words, the bandage look would continue around the dress
  • My inspiration was from watching old 1940's and 1950's movies. I wanted to combine a vintage look with something modern - (modern being the bandage look Herve Leger created)

My second submission will be called the Florence:

Specifications of the Florence dress:
  • This dress should be made with a gauzy feeling silk or a light chiffon
  • I want it to be a print - something watercolor in either light pastels or neutrals
  • I want the belt to be a cognac colored leather belt
  • My inspiration for this dress was the spring wind. I wanted to create something with movement. The dress flows with the wind, but is then anchored by a stiff hard belt - just like the wind in spring usually carries with it some leftover stiff hard winter

My third submission for the day I will call the Charlie dress:

The specifications for the Charlie dress are:
  • The material should be an opaque, heavy silk
  • The colors should be either a geometric print in yellow and gray or be a bright pink (a very trendy color this year)
  • The line at the hips is only a seam
  • Since it is a scoop neck, I don't want any zippers on the dress
  • My design inspiration was from a Project Runway episode. I was inspired by all the new modern lines the contestant designers were using for their dresses and wanted to incorporate a new, modern seam into a design of my own

So that's it for now. I'll hopefully get some more designs up later!

Good luck on designing your own dress!