Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses

Another design for the Shabby Apple dress design contest...

I thought I would design a black and white dress - (I'm calling Diana). A black and white dress is now almost as important to a modern wardrobe as the classic LBD, so I couldn't help but add one into the mix.
Specifications for the Diana:
  • The neckline/shawl piece of the dress would be a white cotton cady
  • The body of the dress would be a black cotton cady
  • My inspiration for this dress was remembering designs I used to love when I was a little girl (we're talking 6 years old). For some reason, as a 6-year old I was enthralled with dresses with shawl-like collars. I wanted to re-work the look into something modern, and the Diana dress was what I came up with.
Here is a dress that I really am not entering, as it isn't a dress that would appeal to many women, but thought it would be a fun party dress for a preteen - the Amy dress:
Specifications for the Amy dress:
  • The skirt would be layers of icy pink, peach, and cream tulle
  • The waist would be a pale pink satin - like from a ballet slipper. In the back it would be tied into a sash
  • The shoulder fabric that is tucked into the satin bodice would be the same layers of tulle from the skirt
  • The inset of lace at the neckline would be an off-white/cream color
  • My inspiration is from my childhood neighbor friend, Amy. When Amy and I were little girls we would dream of being ballerinas one day. We both moved away when we were about 8 years old, and just recently found each other on Facebook. Much to my surprise, I found out that Amy really had become a ballerina! This dress is in honor of her.