Do you all remember when I won this beautiful dress? I was so excited and couldn't wait to wear it!

Unfortunately, when it arrived, it had a couple of stains on the side of the dress, and gapped under the arm quite a bit. It was also a size or two too big, as the shoulders slid off while I walked and the waist was in no way fitted, like a dress of this style should be.

I thought this was an easy fix. My Mother-in-law is an exceptional seamstress and I knew she could help me alter the dress.

We raised the straps to help with the side gaping and to help tighten up the straps. Also the fuller part of the dress for the bustline hit me at the wrong part of my chest, since my chest is so short, so raising the straps put the full part of the dress right across my bustline where it should. Then we took in the seam under the arms a bit to further close the gap. I tried the dress on, and there was still a slight showing of my undergarments under the arm, but I thought I could make it work.

I got home and ironed the dress with low heat, only to find my low heat wasn't low enough. I scalded the fabric with the iron on the hem, forcing me to have to hem 3.5 inches off the dress. Thankfully, I'm short enough, the hem change wouldn't be a problem for me.

Before I cut the material, I decided to tack the hem first to see how it would come out.

After having tried the dress on, with and without a belt, I'm feeling there is just no hope for the dress. It flattens my chest, and then is way too large in the waist. To make matters worse, there is STILL a gap under the arms.

My conclusion is that this style of dress just doesn't work for my body type. Argh.

I might re-hem it properly, but I just feel like the dress doesn't lay right at all, and am frustrated that after spending 3 hours on it, it still doesn't fit right. My measurements are normal (36, 26, 36), but I'm so short and yet so busty for my frame (I'm wearing a 32DDD right now), that I just don't think it will work. I needed to raise the straps and then lower the waist, add more room in the bust, yet more coverage under the arms, take in the waist, and then lower the bateau neckline so I wouldn't choke.

Oh well. I tried. I still love the dress. Just not on me.