Session One: Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Yep, it's that time of year again. It's spring! And spring means it's time for spring cleaning--spring cleaning your closet that is.

Step 1: Pull out any fall/winter item that you never ended up wearing this past fall/winter. Put it in a pile to bring to Goodwill or your attic to save for your granddaughters to play in later. If you didn't end up wearing it at all, there is no point in letting it fill up space in your closet.

Step 2: Throw out clothes with holes or permanent stains in them. Remember all those tights you wore this winter? Probably one or two of them have a run already and should be cleared out from your drawers.

Picture taken from ehow.com

Step 3: Clear your closet out of any winter only items to make way for summer only items (wool overcoats and heavy bulky sweaters).

Step 4: Determine what wardrobe items you have that will work great as "crossover" pieces; i.e., what items can be worn in the summer or the spring/fall. Put your crossover pieces in an accessible part of your closet/drawers, because you will be wearing these items a lot as spring weather can be very fickle!

Picture taken from beachfloatabroad.blogspot.com

Step 5: Organize your closet (I'll post more on organization tips in a future post).

Step 6: Get out the shoe polish and polish up all those winter shoes that got good and grubby over the fall/winter so you can preserve them for next year.

Picture taken from lighterfootstep.com

Step 7: Pull out your spring/summer clothes!

Picture taken from womansday.com