Session Two: Organizing Your Closet

Now that you've eliminated what should not be in your closet, and added what should be in your closet (spring/summer clothes), it's time to organize what's there.

Tip of the day: How to store your scarves.

A space saving way for storing your scarves is by purchasing a scarf hanger:

Of course there are other ways to organize your scarves - you could buy a plastic bin and roll your scarves, stuff them in the bin, and store the bin on a shelf in your closet. Or, you could buy a towel holder and drape them over that in your closet. You could also buy hooks and decorate a wall in your room by placing a collage of hooks that you can drape your scarves over.
Picture taken from: http://homedesign.marthastewart.com/img/uploads/2010/01/Scarves-S-346x440.jpg

Or - follow these tips for storing your scarves.

What creative ways do you use to store your scarves? Please share!