Session Six: Organizing Your Jewelry

A few months ago my little sister suggested an idea for organizing jewelry. I thought I would expound on this and add a few more suggestions.

One of my favorite jewelry organizing ideas is the necklace/bracelet pegboard. Here are the instructions on how to create it.

With a little more research I found Martha Stewart's ideas and was inspired! Her idea of using teacups and saucers (see below) is certainly a beautiful sight for any plain dresser drawer. Now I have an excuse to go antique shopping more often.

You can find more of her aesthetically pleasing ideas here.

One of the commenters on Martha's website mentioned that she hangs her earrings from an elegant champagne glass on her dresser. Her idea made me realize that you could really use anything to hang your earrings on, so I decided to see what I could do with what I already had on my dresser. I have a metal basket on my dresser to hold my perfumes/hair products/body lotions, so I decided to hang all my earrings from that. Everything fit perfectly!

Some other ideas would be to place earrings in ice cube trays and place in your drawer. This idea would work well for organizing rings too. You could use egg cartons if you want to go the cheapest route. Tackle boxes, coat racks, tie racks, and even nails on a wall (like I did in my closet - see below) work well too.

How do you organize your jewelry?