Traveling Day

I'm traveling to see my sister Missi and decided that I don't want to bother with the hassle of checking a bag. Since I'll only be there five days, and we probably won't be going out much (since she just had her second baby), I figured it would be easy to fit everything in a back pack if I planned my outfits right.

I sketched this out to give myself an idea of outfits, and ended up sticking with this pretty much exactly:
If you actually want to see what these outfits look like read on:

Day one is traveling, and I plan on wearing this. Day 2 I'll keep the jeans, shoes, and jewelry, and just add this top and a yellow scarf instead. Day 3 I'll wear this, but instead of the boots, I'll keep the yellow flats and the yellow scarf. Day 4 I'll go back to the jeans I traveled in, but wear the t-shirt pictured in the second outfit here and my brown sandal bootie heels. For Day 5 I plan on wearing my trouser jeans, black pumps, and this jacket. Not pictured, but along with the red scarf, I'll add this belt. And on my last day, which will also be a travel day, I'll wear this top with the trouser jeans I'll have worn the day before with either my yellow flats or brown heels.

And in case you were wondering, yes. Everything did fit in my trusty backpack. I wish I could afford a stylish carry-on, but I am cheap, so I'm just going to use the backpack I had from high school. Ha!

Below is a pic of what didn't have to be packed since it will be what I'm wearing. My bag (Helen Welsh bag given to me from a friend) fit all my make-up and snacks so I didn't have to pack that.
A benefit in traveling to go see my sister is that we pretty much wear the same size, so if I didn't pack enough, I can always borrow from her!