Park and Errand running day

At 7am in the morning we had sunshine here in WA, so I got my little family ready for park day. It was still cool (50's) so I kept the jeans and long sleeves on, but did layers in hopes it would warm up and I could just wear my tank top.

then, wanting to have wavy hair for later in the day (company coming tonight) I decided to wrap my wet hair up in two pig tail buns. One of the gals at park day told me I reminded her of Princess Leia, hee, hee.
7hrs later I took out my buns with high hopes for long, luscious waves. But...no such luck. LOL
Oh well, there is a bit of texture so its' something.

Yellow camping shirt ~ Old Navy $12
Tank ~ Old Navy $8
Jeans ~ Gap $13
Earrings ~ Wal-mart $2
Bracelete ~ H&M $5
Necklace...I forget where I got it.

Our lovely, sunny day quickly turned from sunshine to rain, picture me running at full speed with a 3yr old and 3mon old in a "sit n' stand" stroller running from the park to the parking lot. My 3yr old laughing hysterically the whole way. Good times, good times.