Summer Hair Inspiration

I recently received my new In Style mag and was inspired by the summer hairstyle ideas they suggested. I've decided to try out each style and post them on here to inspire all of you as well!
The loose pony. So easy to do! Just tease your hair a little at the crown, pull over your ears into a loose pony parallel with your ears. Push hair up out of the hairband from the crown and pull pieces out in front. No hair product or heating tools required!
I found that I had to pull the lower pieces of the pony out tight and the top pieces at the crown out loose to achieve the right affect. I also had to use two hairbands to hold my pony in place.
I used brown scunci elastics.

You can also add a scarf to cover the elastic (as I did in the pic above), a headband, or scarf worn as a headband.