Outfit Post and Beauty Product Review: The Day After

Yes, today is the day after. The day after a nasty stomach virus. That's right, I was in bed...er...in the bathroom, all day yesterday feeling horrible. However, I woke up feeling great and couldn't wait to put on regular clothes and some make-up.

Speaking of make-up, I just bought Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion mascara and adore it. No smudging, no clumping, defined lashes, easy one time application, and plenty of length and volume! Can't ask for better than that, especially for under $8!

I also tried a sample I found in my In Style magazine for Maybelline dream matte foundation. I actually really liked it. It feels like a liquid, but then as you apply it, it gives a perfect matte finish without looking too powdery. Most foundations make my face look oily, so I have to wear powder over them, but this foundation didn't need any finishing powder.

Now back to the outfit...

A tip for wearing billowy tops -- I find wearing a long necklace with full, blousy tops helps anchor the blouse and keep it from billowing out too far. The heavy pearls help the top to lay flat, and give it that extra touch of girliness, too. Also, knotting the pearls at the chest helps the pearls to lay in the center of the bust, instead of slipping to one side or the other throughout the day.

Top - Gap - $6
Jeans - Express - $19
Pearls - Thrifted - $1
Shell pink earrings - gifted
Shoes - Michael via DSW - $9