Another Announcement

I have one more announcement today...

Baby #2 is on the way! We finally decided to tell our son about the news a couple of weeks ago, and he hasn't stopped spreading the news since! The picture I'm holding up is the picture he drew of the "baby in mommy's tummy."
Needless to say, I've been sick with more than just a stomach virus these days. I feel ok for a few hours in the morning, but by the afternoon the morning sickness comes in full force, and by about 4PM, I'm in bed (or on the couch). Pathetic, I know. But definitely for a good cause!

Some of you may remember my posting about the miscarriage we had in early March. Well, we are so blessed to be expecting again and now due in March! We are praying that we keep this baby to full term. So far, the symptoms are showing that this baby is here to stay, and we are really excited!

I'm at 10 weeks now, and am looking forward to when the morning sickness subsides. In the meantime, I won't be posting too much due to how sick I am.

This picture below just proves how sick I've been feeling...while working at my desk in a sick stupor, I allowed my son to paint my toenails with every color of nail polish I had. Thankfully I was aware enough to suggest paper towels under my feet, because sure enough, nail polish paint got everywhere (as evidenced by what you see on my feet!). I have to say, though, it was very relaxing and was exactly what I needed to get me through that last hour or so of work!

I'm so grateful I work from home. I don't know how I worked from the office when I was pregnant with my first. It is so hard to get up and get dressed, and then deal with people all day in a professional way when you feel like you have the flu 24/7!

I'm looking forward to styling my baby bump as soon as it appears, so I will be taking a lot more outfit shots during my second and beginning of my third trimester. I imagine I won't feel like posting much towards the end of the pregnancy, but I will definitely try!